Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Potpourri Blog...

Nope, my blog doesn't stink... well, at least I hope not! ;O)
I'm all over at present artistically, emotionally and personally so my Blog may be a little mixed.
I did manage to get my sh-tuff together and get 1 page done over last night, into this morning... about 8 layers of paint wash on here so I had to give up and wait for it to dry & stiffen.
This is Prompt #4: Silence
A Year in the Life of an Art Journal
Technique: 'inchies' (mine are actually more inch-&-a-1/2-ies but shhh...)
4 boyz...
2 dogz...
1 bunny...
& a fish.
Oh... and
2 adults...
Makes for a
very chaotic house!
Silence... is a
...Quasi-Mythical State...

Yesterday we did a trip "To Erin's House" (family joke... means we're running errands) I had a good day my debit card... not so much. *glee* I got 2 new eye-candy mags at Chapters (mmm... and a much needed Starbucks infusion!) and picked up this beautiful Butterfly garden book at Sally-Anne (to be cut up) it's all water colored pencil sketches in side... yummy!

We're still working on our SteamPunk outfits for an upcoming event in April (can't wait) but yesterday was a BOON... I got a gorgeous velvet and felt hat, my skirt and a wrap for moi, aviator hat & scarf for Arthur, gloves and a hat for William, Paper-Boy hat for Thomas (Robert's all done already) and I still can't believe it: a real, leather ammunition belt. All for under $5/piece!!! We weren't even planning to stop there yesterday. woot!
The other "Erin's House" run was Staples for printer ink. Lesson learned: check your model BEFORE you go. We got the wrong one so we're back there today. @@ Thankfully the one we got goes in my parent's printer so 'Merry Christmas' to them. :O)
They had a TON of stuff on clearance and um... I can't pass a markdown table, that would be sacrilegious! I got our wedding invitations, 200 for $40. They're DIY print on ones I'm going to use as a base then fab-them up. At that price I couldn't get that good a quality of card-stock and hey! all the cutting is done + envelopes!
The boyz were pleased to, they had the $20 11 X 14" Sketch books on for $4.57, I scooped the last 4. HOPEFULLY this will keep them away from my Art Journals. In the never ending search for paper I'm *pretty* sure several of MY pages have been plundered. Everyone has their own book and they can keep their own sh-tuff in it. Also markers at 50% off, bought sets for them and ME.
I woke up at 5AM to this:

Apparently Robert & Thomas couldn't wait to get started.
I thought I was bad for being an overly productive Morning Person.
something like that. :O)

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