Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Bad Girls Project 52 #11: Domestic Goddess!!!

Bad Girls don't cry...
Well unless they burn themselves many, many... many times with the Glue-Gun.
*sucking several of my fingers*
I don't think I've ever used as much glue on any other project!
You'll see why below. LOTS of pictures because there is LOTS to see.
First you should check out the Challenge here:
There's still tons of time to take part... *hint hint*
The Requirements this round are:
*3D Jointed Figure as Subject
* God or Goddess as Theme
* Fiber (yard, ribbon, thread etc...) as Material

I started with a body base I got for $2 at the $ store, it's a dresser top jewelry hanger. Snipped all the wires off, added some Barbie arms (YES, again Barbies WERE harmed in the making of this project) and a porcelain dolls head.
Glue, glue and more glue...

Neatly covered all the 'seams' with some lovely girl-y marabou.
The hands are holding what any Good Goddess worth her salt needs to keep her radiant...
Mirror, curling iron, brush and a hair dryer.

This is a full body view of both the Front and Back. Warned ya' it was busy!
Just like any Domestic Goddess she is busy, busy, busy...
juggling many, many things...
and all with style!

Up close of the Top Back:

Ariel View:

Closer view of the Front Body.
You can see her Domestic Goddess Banner and a better view of her face:

I LOVE this detail... a Girls Gotta Look Her Best!
The conditioning mud mask was done with Liquid Applique and a teeny-tiny brush.

More Body Shots:

Heading around the Bottom:
Puppy's gotta be clean too! Porcelain Dishes and the bottom of the Mop.

Puppy, Puppy!

Heading round back...
The whole Mop (fabric scraps, toy rubber and a broken paint-brush handle) and the Laundry Basket with Folded Clothes. The clothes are various Barbie/Bratz free-cycle rescues. Having 4 boys, not much use for them here so I snagged them for something just. like. this. Basket came from an Easter Gift and the Clothes pins are more $ store goodies.

Moving around for the final bottom part...
Every Girl has gotta have some FAB shoes... and a mirror to check her tootsies out in!
Ribbon 'scarf' draped over the mirror & Tote-Bag rescued off a greeting card.

The Laundry Line (hemp), strung from arm-to-arm in the Back.

Starting around the Juggling Arch:
Gourmet Dinner.

Seamstresses Delight.
I love how well the Ribbon folded up to make the Bolts of Fabric!
The proverbial Grocery List... as long as her arm.

Look at some more of the Juggling Arch.

Tidy Up.
Feather Duster (another broken paint brush), kids shoes and a Magazine (can be seen from back).

The TO-DO List.

More of the Juggling Arch:

Home Repair and Decoration.
Tools, Paint Can and Brush all buttons (painted to look 'realer') Chair (another free-cycle rescue, it was smashed)... all fixed up!

Ah yes... Washing & Drying Dishes!

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