Monday, March 29, 2010

Bad Girls Project 52 #12... 3D House.

I finally got the latest Bad Girls Project 52 Challenge done.

3~D Homes: {paper, board, fabric, box, metal etc.

Any material choice. All sides must be considered, Art in the round!!}

THEME: Dreams {past/present/future, actualized or not, night/day etc.}

REQUIRED MATERIAL: Buttons {any type/shape/size/number/color/material}

This is my take...

Welcome to Wits' End

I started with the roof... it's a coffee filter (3 actually) sprayed liberally with Indian Corn Glimmer Mist, then sprayed with clear coat shellac (lots & lots & lots) to stiffen it.

The house is a coffee can (Maxwell House... ew!) I painted with 2 coats of tan acrylic paint. I then wrapped a trimmed-to-fit Starbucks Bag around it. I really like the way it crinkled up... I put the bag on before the paint was totally dry (impatient! lol) and it looks really neat-o. The chimney is part of a Starbucks straw with a bit of torn lace 'smoke'.

The front door is part of Starbucks cup wrap (backwards) with a button door and ribbon hinges. Buttons for a walk-way... and climbing roses reaching up from the gardens... 'Gardens' created with Dried Flowers & Moss.

The base is a bio-degradable Planter Liner (like paper mache...) turned upside down.

Welcome to Wits' End sign... Popsicle stick punched with a Crop-o-Dile. Eyelets, broken necklace chain and brads finish it off...

The field of Baking Cup and Button flowers was inspired by THIS video. I found the mini-Cups and just had to get them... so cute!
Bunny in residence... of course!

The Mill Wheel is a piece out of the inside of a broken VCR-tape... the 'water' is blanket binding.

The Quote on the Starbucks bag is what inspired me for the 'Dream' Theme...
I loooooove fleurs & gardening & coffee! They are in my dreams quite often. ;O)

The field of daisies are Martha Stewart Wedding Confetti and the natural of the planter base.

Happy Squirrel on board!

Bird, Watering Can and Pansies.

Downward shot of the Front.

Closer to the Roof.


Baking Cup Field.

Mill Wheel.

Baking Cup Fleurs... with Button & Ribbon Centers.

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