Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dirty Scrap #5... Shattered Dreams.

This time I'm getting my Dirty Scraps Challenge in on time!
I only just discovered this wonderful LO challenge Blog, but I think I was too late when I passed in #4. :O)
I intend to catch up on the rest so that I'll have a 'full set'.
This topic is Shattered Dreams...
We all have them...hopes, dreams, fears... but this time I wanted to concentrate on those dreams, more specifically acknowledging those shattered dreams. Scrap about a shattered dream.Maybe your dream was to have 2.5 kids a home and a successful career. But you are divorced and raising the kids on your own. Maybe your dream was to be a dancer? Heck maybe it was to be a secretary? We all grow up and even if they are not our prominent dreams and we are completely satisfied with our current lives...we all had those dreams that sort of flew away. I love my life but I can think of several dreams I did not see through. It's NOT a bad thing, it is just life and the way life flows. I truly believe it is a positive thing because out path in life leads us on many roads, not just the ones we plan for. You can take this layout in any direction you want :)
Now go get dirty!
This is what I came up with:
Do you, ----- take Sarah to be your lawfully wedded wife?
Do you promise to love, honor, cherish and protect her,
forsaking all others and holding only unto her?
"I do"
After all 11 year marriage it's safe to say 'protection'
was a lie... the 'holding' part was not.
Now we are divorced:
Going to court over death threats.
I always lock my door and windows
And carry a personal alarm with me.
I wonder if it will ever end...

I did the title & journaling on the computer. I glued the title to the back of a CD case cover with Crystal Effects, waited til it was partially dry then smashed it with my setting hammer.
I then ran some paint tinted water over the cracks to 'mess' the title up some more. I also added some more Crystal Effects in the cracks to make sure they stayed as cracked as I wanted them and not any more. ;O)
All the words are stickers I crumpled a bit and tinted with ink...
I also added some Rub-On stitches that I knew SUCKED (they never stuck right)
I'm so glad to be able to use them up here... I wanted shabby and... that they are.

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