Monday, March 29, 2010

Silly Feet!

Zipped off a quick page this morning...
I've been going through the pictures that the Tech was able to rescue off the FUBAR'd drive on my laptop.
(A year ago I lost almost 5 yrs worth of sh-tuff when my 'puter got Vista-d @@)
I got 20, 000+ pictures back... ALL of them in random order.
I'm going through trying to sort them back into events, but occasionally one jumps out here & there and I have to scrap it.
ADAD strikes again!!!
I had this one waiting when I saw the March Happy Feet challenge on From Screen 2 Scrap!
This is what I came up with:
Greg is a hopeless Peng-a-nin addict... they are infesting most corners of our house and I could NOT believe it when I found one for the Garden.
That just says *Penguin* to you???! lol

Added Criteria for a maximum of 6 points
1. A penguin on the page somewhere = 1pt CHECK!
2. Must have the word 'Feet' in the title = 2 pts CHECK!
3. White and Blue to be the dominant colors used = 3pts
You can use other colors but want to see mainly white and shades of blue :) CHECK!
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