Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Art Journaling...

Yesterday and this morning were all about playing catch-up with my Art Journaling... I got a chance to throw some paint at the paper over March Break but not *think* on the elements and words...
This was for the prompt 'UN' from A Year in the life of an Art Journal.
I have been through so many
changes over the past 3 years...
Some good, some not so good... but
where does that leave me? I thought
I knew my STORY but then the pages
ahead got torn out... and the new
ones are blank. That leaves me
with a STORY that is as yet...
WHY? What do I do now?
Who am I? Where am I going?
What is my Story now?

This was last weeks prompt for Your life in Words 'My Wall'.
I always loved this picture, it was taken at the McKenzie King Estate last trip we made up.
I walk a road that keeps
going as long as I live... it twists...
it turns,,, it's dark... it's light...
but all along this road there has
been a WALL of supporting
people... friends, family
even strangers. When
I get weary walking
this road I can always
rest on
my WALL before
I continue on
my way.

This weeks prompt is 'Between'.
I decided to try some collage cut & paste work...
"You know that place between
sleep and awake, the place where
you can still remember dreaming?
That's where I'll always love
you, Peter Pan. That's
where I'll be waiting"
~Tinkerbell ~

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