Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Off she goes!

Fly-By posting today!
It's Wednesday, which means we're hosting Kinship (church) and um, since Mom's been sick for 5 weeks... it uh... shows. *sigh* I have some M*A*J*O*R cleaning to do today. My guess is by 2pm I'll be sweeping toys under the couch and filling boxes to hide.
I hate that. But ya gotta do what ya gotta do in a pinch!
1 more page done yesterday. I LOVE this one. I'd been planning something like this but just hadn't found the 'right' time yet.
Layers on layers here... paper collage, gesso, several shades of paint wash and sh-tuff... lots & lots of sh-tuff... I love sh-tuff. :O)
Week 9 Art Journal Prompt on 'Your Life Spelled Out'
Prompt: Inside Out
One of the things I Love
most about
is the excuse to take
the Inside - Out
of things!"

Oh! and if anyone sees the Cleaning Fairy today... PLEASE feel free to send her my way!

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