Thursday, September 22, 2011

The Altered Alice CHAPTER 7: Text as Nonsense

Alice didn't dare to argue the point, but went on: `-- and I thought I'd try and find my way to the top of that hill -- ' `When you say "hill,"' the Queen interrupted, `I could show you hills, in comparison with which you'd call that a valley.' `No, I shouldn't,' said Alice, surprised into contradicting her at last: `a hill can't be a valley, you know. That would be nonsense -- ' The Red Queen shook her head, `You may call it "nonsense" if you like,' she said, ` but I've heard nonsense, compared with which that would be as sensible as a dictionary!' -- Chapter 2, Through The Looking Glass and What Alice Found There

Our sponsor is Stamp Attack.
Altered a wee birdhouse for my project...
Finished it sits aprox:
6" wide, 4 " deep, and 5" tall (without the bird)

There are 'before' pictures near the bottom. I rescued this from the 2nd hand store for a mere 25 cents. It was put together all wonky and the paint job was... interesting, but I saw potential.

I decided against repainting it altogether, instead I worked with the color it already was: Nice Shiny Copper. I used papers from the DCWV: Once Upon a Time line. I used sheets from the 12X12, 8X8 and the Photo Mat stack. So the lettering is all consistent, yet all different sizes... I love that. :O) Papers were glued on then sanded around the edges for a shabbier look. I also covered 2 of the 3 birdholes... 3 seemed a bit 'airy'. ;O)
Bush is part of a Christmas Village holly bush with ribbon roses, 1 white the rest red, added on.
Alice and the White Rabbit were found in a Flickr Collage sharing group. Printed, glued to cereal box board and then cut out.

Pattern Paper from DCWV.
Chipboard Keyhole from BoBunny.
Ink from Stampin' Up! (around Keyhole)
Moss and 'bush' from the $ store.
Roses and Bird from my vintage auction stash.
Clock and Books also liberated from another 2nd hand store treasure.

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Draw: Friday September 23rd.
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