Wednesday, September 7, 2011

What's On Your Work Desk? Wednesday 118

What's On Your Work Desk? Wednesday 118

The usual chaos...
Every week when I take a picture I think:
'hmm... I should clean.'
but then...
oooooo... shiny!
Another idea pops up and I'm off...
A.D.A.D (Attention Deficit Art Disorder) in motion.

This has been a buuusy week trying to get as much sh-tuff done as possible before school started yesterday. Wanted to have things scritched off 'the list' early, just in case anything happened the 1st few days of school with my 2 special needs guys. So glad I did! There's a flub with their med permission forms so for the 1st week or so I'll have to pop in at the school twice a day and administer meds myself.
Minor, but enough to disrupt the rhythm in a productive day. :O)

Let's see what's here this week:
My sunflowers are still going!
Upper left: *some* and only some of the homework the boys brought home for me last night. I filled forms out til my hand was numb than left the rest for today... maybe tomorrow. lol
Fresh magazine: My reward for after the $%#@ forms are finished. Carrot!
Under that: One of my larger Art Journals and some sh-tuff ready for a page, hoping to get done today.
To the right of that: PeachyCheap package that arrived yesterday. Pink Paislee Halloween-y goodies to play with. Yum!
More right: 'THE' list and above it a stack of the completed sh-tuff from yesterday.
Right-er: COFFEE!!! 6:58 am and I'm on my 3rd cup.
Getting up at 5am from now til Christmas shift pick for Greg... @@ 'nuff said.
Below that: Bits and pieces for an anniversary card for Greg.
It's coming soon! 1 year on the 25th. :O)

So... now that you've seen my mess, pop on over and see what everyone else is up to at:
The Stamping Ground WOYWW!

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