Monday, September 26, 2011

Welcome to Planet Sarah...

I've missed almost an entire week of challenges and will be missing a few days more, this is part of the reason...
Started Planet You, a journaling workshop on the 16th. Kinda gettin' into the 'meat' of it a bit late; it's been *hectic* here with med appointments, bloodwork and various tests for juuuust about everyone who lives in this house, all this past week. Better to git'em done together than try to remember who's done what over the year.
The wonderful thing about this course is you can start when you want, do what you want (or not) because after all: It's Plant YOU.
Have a few pages done and a few done-ish to share...
I won't be sharing all the pages from this project, some of 'Planet Sarah' is either private or family only, as one would expect. :O)
Decided after taking my 1st assignment 'on the road' to create 'Planet Sarah' in a small 4" X 6" travel size journal. I've taken all the journal topics for Week 1 and set up pages that can then be journal on no matter where I wind up... Not sharing the actual assignments just a hint of the topics because, well...
Just, GO take the course yourself! It's awesome. :O)

Main Title Page:

Assignment #2
I'm NOT going in order, just 'cause:

Assignments #1 & #2:

Pages set up for Journal Prompts about being Happy/Sad:

Pages set up for Journal Prompts on having a day/color:

Page set up and one finished for personal adjectives:

Page finished for personal adjectives:

Pages set up for nicest thing/meanest thing:

Pages set up for who loves/scared:

Pages set up for someone else/comfortable:

Pages set up for proud:

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