Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge: February

Got February done for the Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge.
Still *planning* to get March done too before January slips away. :O)
So on with the next 'spread' in the re-furbed Baby Book!

Dug into my Digital Stamps for all the images I'm using for this project; this lil'guy is from Dawn Moore. Don't-cha just love him! The LOVE was saved in-puter from a free clip-art group on Flickr. All colored in with Stampin' Up! Markers.
Hearts are punched out of heavy red Mulberry Paper with a Stampin'Up! punch then traced and doodled on with a Pentel Correction Pen.

Started with a Bright Yellow base coat this time:

Then picked a few colors that would go well with it:
Lighter Lemon-y Yellow, Bright Orange, Dab of White and some Shimmery Metallic Red.

Then I just started playing...
'Glob & Brush' til I was dry-brushing large portions of it.

The painted on random Hearts with a Bright Red and a dab of White. Filled in using a Sea Sponge and more of the Bright Red.

The laid out the elements for spacing before attaching with Glue Stick.
Day Squares were cut from scraps by hand this time. I LOVE the randomness of imperfectness. :O)
Title was cut with a SLICE. Lots of added doodling and outlining with Sharpie and the Correction Pen.
All set for February!
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