Wednesday, January 18, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 137

The usual... sh-tuff!
Likely it'll still look like this tomorrow morning though...
Today is an endocrinologist appointment at CHEO for Arthur. Doctor that's a specialist running on the 'I'm a Doctor AND a Specialists' timing. Bringing a long book for the wait. ;O)

If I had some means to do it I would be visiting the other blogs at:
Stamping Ground
Why don't you head on over and have a peek!

So other than the usual supplies I do have 2 projects on the go:
Top left is my Book of Days, slowly growing day-by-day. *info in side link-y*
In the middle the Art Calendar 366 Project *info also in a side link-y* is underway. Finished January yesterday and have the images colored for February (just to the left) on the pile of the images for the rest of the year. I'm planning to get February and March done before the end of January, then 1 month a month from there on out.
And 'the list' of challenges I'm hoping to take part in... though many are sliding right now with my health and everyone else's. In addition the Vendors event I'm attending on the 28th is sucking up time and mojo, need to prep! Stepping out and attending the Ottawa Goth Syndicate's Aftermath Vendor's Fair. My creepy-kooky projects will have a suitable venue! Nervous and stoked all at once.
So... that's my desk. Minus the usual coffee, which I'm off to remedy NOW.

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