Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book of Days: January 27th and 28th

Couple more entries to my Book of Days...

January 28th:
The day of the Aftermath Vendors event I was attending... Used a print off of the event poster over Glimmer Misted and splattered base, bit of ink rubbing too while it was still damp. White washed a spot top journal and added an Ottawa Goth Syndicate sticker, grudged that up too. ;O)

January 27th:
CHAOS Day...
Getting the last things ready, making CD pins (stinky fumes), dying my hair...
and in the middle of all that there was Happy Mail from Denise Phillips!
Ripped into it right away and got my entry done. The envelope, tags, fibre and birdie stamp were all part of my goodies. :O)
Happy Mail Side:
BUSY Day Side:

Full Spread so far...

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