Thursday, January 5, 2012

Book of Days 2012: Let's get it started...

I survived NaNoJouMo in November...
I'm mere days from completing the (we extended to Jan 8th) December Daily...
It's time for a new 'make-it-messy' record keeping endeavor.
Welcome to the beginning of my 2012 Book of Days!

This will be a 1 year long project *gulp*:
~Art Journal~Altered Book~Word of the Year~
...and where ever else my Muse takes this.
I'm just along for the ride. :O)

If you want to join up all the info can be found
(also linked on my sidebar)
Bestest of all... it's FREE!!!
No class fee
No must have supply list
Just come as you are and CREATE!

Today I got my cover completed:

I opted to do an Altered Book. I wanted BIG so Greg found me an outdated (early 90's) Textbook in the basement. err... made sure to cover that title well!

I ripped out about 1/3 of the pages as suggested.
This is the book post rip-out-diet.

The subject matter of the text made it actually quite easy to select the pages to pull... I um, removed most of the pictures and her, hum... more graphic diagrams. Nasty pictures of down-there diseases and the like... yuuuuuumy.

LOTS of paint... just plain ol'acrylic a la $ store.

I dabbed a kleenex over after painting to even out the tone and lessen the 'stripes' of paint.

Then I got into it to far and forgot to take any more 'in progress' pictures...
Bad Sarah!
Added layer of Mulberry paper in shades of blue and silver... Strips of 'Space' scene picture from magazines... A bit of stamping and heat embossing... and the Title Work.
Back is the dictionary definitions of my Word of the Year: Space.
Front has a picture of me I fiddle with on PikNik.
Space: the Word of the Year.
This is the artwork of the Artist Sarah Cooper.
Her one-year mission: to explore this word,
to seek out it’s meanings and build upon these things,
to boldly go where no one has gone before…

So now it's ready for the year ahead and whatever that may bring!

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