Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 138

This week my space has been overrun with Art, but not much new...
Piles and Piles of sh-tuff I'm pulling, piling and preparing for the Ottawa Goth Syndicate Aftermath Vendors event. Saturday's the big day and...
I'm. not. ready.

But before the desk tour....
A reminder to go check out the other Spaces on Display this week at:
Stamping Ground

The only thing *new* 'on' my desk is top left:
February Calendar for the Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge, it was out drying the last bit overnight.
The rest is all sh-tuff I need to categorize, price and pack for Saturday.
Mostly Creepy, some with more of a Classic Victorian feel and a few just 'fun' ones that I'm hoping are suitable for that crowd. :O) I'm still debating on the 2 larger Alice in Wonderland pieces I have... Not sure of the table size and I don't want it looking crowded.
Much pondering to do today... hence the X-tra big coffee. ;O)

Though I took the actual picture yesterday there is one VERY new thing this week...
Meet Ayva, our new foster puppy.
Come to us through Poet's Vision Aussie Rescue.
She's completely deaf, mostly visually impaired and 100% sweetie!
Doing wonderfully with our other dog Hero who has turned into a complete 'Nanny Dog' watching out for her, leading her around and playing oh so gently with this wee white ball of fluff.
In this picture she's where she's taken up regular day-time residence: the place my feet go under my desk.
They be all warm now. :O)
Nothing like a toasty warm puppy belly to help with the circulation! lol

Sooooooooooo???? What's on YOUR Workdesk???
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