Wednesday, January 11, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk Wednesday #136

*softly tip-toeing in & quietly sliding into the back row*
erm...uh... Hi?
Last posted a WOYWW November 30th... stunned it's been that long.
Shocked myself. :O(
Not once during the December Daily?! *blushing* Bad Sarah!
Go check out some of this week's more dedicated WOYWW peeps:

I will get better...
This year I've delved into a year long project:
'Book of Day' with Effy Wild
(see sidebar for link-y if your interested, it's FREE!)
I'm swearing publicly...
*raising my hand and placing the other over my heart*
To participate in WOYWW for the next year, solid.
Yes, PLEASE, do call me out if I miss!

Plan to use the weekly pictures of my desk in my Book of Days. My Word of the Year is SPACE and part of that will be *my* Space. Makes for an easy entry too so I know I have some 'time' to dedicate to other things 1 day a week, all scheduled like. :O)

Today I have cleaned up a bit... de-christmas-ified the Studio. The Stamps and other bits have all been packed up in the bin under my desk. Not out of reach, just outta sight.
In the center is my Book of Days, waiting for yesterday and today to get filled in. To the right of it: All my rings, it's a super-painful-swollen-joint kinda day, ugh.
Above them: The collection of pens I tend to favor for journaling. ie. I use them so much they never get back in the cup, so I gave up. ;O)
Across the top: The usual mess of sh-tuff (note to self: wash those durn brushes). Including the 'sign' I need to assemble for the newly re-done bathroom downstairs. It's now 'The Reading Room'... we fixed it up and added bookcases for all the reads that kept flocking there anyways. Another 'go-with-the-flow' instead of fighting-it decision.
I also redid the bins on my desk.
Top Left: The more-used punches topped presently by some of my Steampunk-ier and Spook-ier stamps for something I have coming up *tease-tease*.
Below that: The 'Bits-Bin' of smaller cut-offs, extra printed pictures and odd embellies. I want this close at hand now so I think to reach for these 1st while working in my Book of Days.

mmm... and coffee... of course.
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