Monday, January 23, 2012

Book of Days: January 18-23

Got a little behind posting pictures, it's been a very, very busy week into week-end.
PD Days, Movies and Puppies... oh my!
Here's the pictorial Run-Down:

2nd Finished 2 page spread:

2nd Finished 2 page spread:

January 18th... (whoops!) photographed today:
What's on Your Workdesk? Wednesday 'cheater' day.

Full Spread, January 19th:

January 19th:
Errand Day...
Quickie doodle colored with markers.

Full Spread, January 20th:

January 20th:
PD Day and HUGO.

Over a page...
Full Day Spread, January 21st:
AYVA Arrives!
Our lil'foster Puppy.
This is my 'collage' page.

Full Spread, January 22nd:

January 22nd:
Happy Day... and busy so very quickly assembled.

January 23rd:
Chinese New Year...
Black Dragon stamps and some lovely oriental swap-paper.

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