Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book of Days: January 9th (Biggie Page!)

Well... this page just took on a whole life of it's own.
Quite the 'process'...

It's also my Week 2: Something that challenges you and Mosaic Page.
It's about stepping outside of my comfort zone and doing a vendors fair with my Art. I'm painfully shy in person and my creepy-art side can put some people off so I'm even shy-er about sharing it. On the 9th I 'sucked-it-up' and signed up! I had been asked to participate a month ago but 1st timing and 2nd my fears needed to be overcome.

Started by painting it Bright Blue,
the same color that's on the Display Boards for my Art.
Also printed off mini-pics of many (but not all)
of the Art I plan on bringing to the Event.

Then I journaled my Fears and Excuses...
and some git'er'done commentary.
Added my 'nice' Logo in the center.

Then I drizzled a Circle with a Slash through it in RED paint.

...and sponged that sucker on!
Made sure that every last bit of writing and the Logo were covered up.

Then started the Mosaic of mini-art.
However there was now TOO much... so I made a flap for the extra.

'Nuff Said!

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