Friday, January 6, 2012

Book of Days 2012: January 1st (Biggie Day)

At my 1st *real* page... and luvin' the Altered Book method!

This page did not go as I pictured it would... why I even tried I have no idea. lol
*I* pictured the lovely quote standing alone, in a field of white... the other page blooming with color... it leaked! My Muse saw to that...
Managed to keep her reigned down to just the wee dot of red and some yellow but she's sneaky!

Won't quote all the Journaling here, it's all over both physically and figuratively...
It's about the clean blank pages needing to be filled, letting my Mused take the lead (good start!), SPACE being my Word of the Year and committing to follow along with Simple Abundance again this year (after a few years off and feeling a little lost).

Not my usual bunch of mess...
Super-high hand pain day and a heap of packing to do before we head back to the Ottawa Science & Tech Museum with Steampunk Ottawa.

KeepSake's Craft's Steampunk Artwork will there again.
As well as the whole Fam-Damily dressed as they were for the Victorian Photo Shoot used for the advertising.

If your in Ottawa come on out and join us!
Info HERE.
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