Monday, January 30, 2012

Book of Days: January 29th and 30th

Going backwards... cause I can. ;O)

January 30th
Full Spread
January 3oth
Bit of Monday lovin' going on... my favorite day of the week!
Seems to be a 'Blue' theme going on with this 3rd spread, why fight it? Went blue again today.
Paint background, paint on the Heart stamp and paint texture to fill.
Sprinkle of glitter *happy Monday* and white-out pen trim.

Used a 'template' to decide on my spot for the day... the stamp worked.

January 29th:
Full Spread

January 29th:
Day of Doubt...
Background is strips of paper ruler rescued from the Children's Hospital. My eldest was there for his bi-yearly endocrine appointment... nurse dropped a strip of these (maybe 40 in all...) and then *had* to throw them in the recycle because they touched the floor (policy). She was thrilled to let me take them. Me too!
Journaled about how I need to remember my medical issues and not try to be Wonder Woman. After the long day Saturday I was in a *lot* of pain Sunday and not feeling up to snuff.
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