Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Book of Days: January 31st

Super happy with how today's lil bit of the book turned out...
*squee* Favorite day so far!

Used a 4X6" piece of art I made for the Try it on Tuesday Blog Challenge yesterday and made a flippy part in my Book of Days. Today I got Happy Mail from Debbie Prewitt... yummy Celtic card and envelope wrapped around some even yummier supplies. As anyone who 'knows' me knows I LOVE Celtic. In order to save the gorgeous envelope I used it today on the flip-side of the 4X6 Art. My main goal this year with my Art is to use what I have and what comes my way... Today is a great example!

Full Spread:

Flipped Full Spread:

Art Side:
Envelope Side:
Double Good News... Happy Mail AND I've been asked to write up a tutorial for Toucan Scraps Tutorial Blog on how I make *my style* of Journal Pages. Have 2 write-up for the March issue of to get written in the next 2 days then I'm going to start working away on that ASAP!
It's a goooood week. :O) and a GREAT end to January.

Speaking of tutorials this is how today unfurled:
First I ran a strip of masking tape along the back of the 4X6" art...

Then I flipped it over and glued the envelope to the back,
trimmed the excess away... This way the tape was covered up.

Then I painted light green over my address, let it dry then a daub of white too.
Journaled and then taped it into my Book of Days.

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