Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Book of Days: January 9th & 10th

You'fer go fer a Tw'fer in my Book of Days...
Yesterday was nutso-stupid-busy so I did it along with Wednesday.

How the book looks after today:

January 9th:
Checklist stamped and cut out to add and minimal journaling. Did note the Dr. being and hour and 20 minutes late... threw the rest of the day off so not *all* the sh-tuff got done.

January 10th:
Starting a Wednesday BOD routine: Easy BOD day.
I already participate in a What's on Your Workdesk Wednesday blog roll, take a picture of your work space and share with the class. ;O) Since my Word of the Year is SPACE this fits in poi-fect. 52 weeks -minus last week before I thought of it = 51 posts of my work SPACE! Which will be undergoing some maaajor changes this year, it'll be nice to be able to flip through my BOD and see it evolve week-by-week. To make it easy I'm going to print off a snippet of my Blog Post and the weekly picture to paste in. Wednesday will be like a day off, so I have at least 1 scheduled 'break day' to focus on other sh-tuff, or catch up.
...and yeah, I put the date stamp in upside down. Welcome to my week! lol
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