Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Book of Days... Week 1... all together now! January 2nd-7th

Cannot express how much I'm loving the Book of Days!
(pppstttt... linked on my side-bar)
Love the re-use of the textbook I'm altering,
Love the recording of Days,
Love the freedom to do what I want in my book...
no plan or template you *must* follow.

Not sure how regularly I'll be posting my Days:
1 at a time, weekly, batches... meh.
I'm sure a rhythm will develop as the book does.
No stress. :O)

This time It's a FULL week since I had some catch-up to do.

Consider this post a 'walk-through' tour.

Right Now it looks like this:

Since the Textbook was a sexual education one I don't want aaaaall that in the background, all the time... This week I started off by white-washing the pages with Paint.

January 2nd: Full View

January 2nd: Close-Up
Today was Robert's Birthday party/dinner.
Quick pen sketch and coloring with new (not impressed) Poster Markers.

January 3rd: Full View

January 3rd: Close-Up
Robert's Birthday/Lazy Day, another Pen and (bleck) Poster Marker sketch.

January 4th, 5th and (start of) 6th: Full View
um... forgot to take in between pictures. *blushing*
Started in on the 6th and realized I boo-boo-ed.
My Muse was flying along!

January 4th: Close-Up
Today was about some hard questions I *needed* to ask myself, Regarding Art/Work related sh-tuff.
Wasn't feeling to artsy so it's simple, but done.

January 5th: Close-Up
*squeee!* Greg went and found me a copy of The Happiness Project Page-a-Day Calendar!
As well as reading Simple Abundance daily I'm hoping to incorporate some of the days off the calender into my Book of Days prompts.
Today the journaling is on a flip-down Transparency.

January 6th: In Progress
Attached Week 1's 'Use a Tag' with pattern masking tape.
Then added some perty Green Paint.
Scrap paper underneath to support and keep it clean!

January 6th: In Progress
Sponged on washed out pale yellow paint over a stencil.

January 6th: In Progress
Stamped on Family with Black StazOn. Grid work in Dark Brown

January 6th: Close-Up
After the stamping, messed around with Sharpies and Gel Ink.

January 7th: In Progress
*flip* goes the Tag!
Bright Sunny Yellow Paint.

January 7th: Full Page

January 7th: Close-Up
All about the day spent volunteering with Steampunk Canada/Ottawa at the Museum.
After the paint I stamped script on in Rust, Gears in Dark Grey and the Top Hat and Dress Form in Dark Blue. Then I started coloring t/blending the Hat and Dress Form. Stamped different Gears in Dark Brown and STEAMPUNK in Black StazOn. Journaled in Black and Silver Gel Pen.

January 7th: Super Close-Up

January 7th: Super Close-Up

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