Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge: January all Done!

Last day of the month, that means my 1st month of the Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge is now complete. Voila!
So very satisfying to see it all filled out.
Me like-y... me like-y a lot. :O)

It looked like this before I started...
Process blogged here:

Book of Days: January 31st

Super happy with how today's lil bit of the book turned out...
*squee* Favorite day so far!

Used a 4X6" piece of art I made for the Try it on Tuesday Blog Challenge yesterday and made a flippy part in my Book of Days. Today I got Happy Mail from Debbie Prewitt... yummy Celtic card and envelope wrapped around some even yummier supplies. As anyone who 'knows' me knows I LOVE Celtic. In order to save the gorgeous envelope I used it today on the flip-side of the 4X6 Art. My main goal this year with my Art is to use what I have and what comes my way... Today is a great example!

Full Spread:

Flipped Full Spread:

Art Side:
Envelope Side:
Double Good News... Happy Mail AND I've been asked to write up a tutorial for Toucan Scraps Tutorial Blog on how I make *my style* of Journal Pages. Have 2 write-up for the March issue of to get written in the next 2 days then I'm going to start working away on that ASAP!
It's a goooood week. :O) and a GREAT end to January.

Speaking of tutorials this is how today unfurled:
First I ran a strip of masking tape along the back of the 4X6" art...

Then I flipped it over and glued the envelope to the back,
trimmed the excess away... This way the tape was covered up.

Then I painted light green over my address, let it dry then a daub of white too.
Journaled and then taped it into my Book of Days.

Monday, January 30, 2012

DragonsDream Tag it On #108: The Beach

TIO #108 - The Beach

Bigger tag than the norm: 3 X 6"
Stamps and Inks are all Stampin'Up!
Handmade blue paper made by Me. :O)
Tag from a Happy Mail Package I received last week.
Love the quote:

The cure for anything is salt water –
Sweat, tears, or the sea.”
~Isak Dinesen ~

Try it on Tuesday: "In the mail"

Hurrah its a wild card week

"In the mail"
Decided it's been a bit since I made a 4X6 Postcard size piece...
An almost quasi-mythical thing,
much like Miss. Unicorn herself.

Clip-Art from Dover and Flickr Collage Group.
Pattern paper from DCWV.

Book of Days: January 29th and 30th

Going backwards... cause I can. ;O)

January 30th
Full Spread
January 3oth
Bit of Monday lovin' going on... my favorite day of the week!
Seems to be a 'Blue' theme going on with this 3rd spread, why fight it? Went blue again today.
Paint background, paint on the Heart stamp and paint texture to fill.
Sprinkle of glitter *happy Monday* and white-out pen trim.

Used a 'template' to decide on my spot for the day... the stamp worked.

January 29th:
Full Spread

January 29th:
Day of Doubt...
Background is strips of paper ruler rescued from the Children's Hospital. My eldest was there for his bi-yearly endocrine appointment... nurse dropped a strip of these (maybe 40 in all...) and then *had* to throw them in the recycle because they touched the floor (policy). She was thrilled to let me take them. Me too!
Journaled about how I need to remember my medical issues and not try to be Wonder Woman. After the long day Saturday I was in a *lot* of pain Sunday and not feeling up to snuff.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Book of Days: January 27th and 28th

Couple more entries to my Book of Days...

January 28th:
The day of the Aftermath Vendors event I was attending... Used a print off of the event poster over Glimmer Misted and splattered base, bit of ink rubbing too while it was still damp. White washed a spot top journal and added an Ottawa Goth Syndicate sticker, grudged that up too. ;O)

January 27th:
CHAOS Day...
Getting the last things ready, making CD pins (stinky fumes), dying my hair...
and in the middle of all that there was Happy Mail from Denise Phillips!
Ripped into it right away and got my entry done. The envelope, tags, fibre and birdie stamp were all part of my goodies. :O)
Happy Mail Side:
BUSY Day Side:

Full Spread so far...

Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge: March

Met a goal! Woot!
Said I was going to get January, February and March done for the Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge... and I did.
So now I can 'leisurely' work my way through 1 a month from here on out.
April in February, May in March... etc...
Just lurving how January is looking almost completely filled in.

Went oh-so girly for March, not much pink but still pretty frou-fy (for me).
Change is good.

Started by coating the Baby Book pages in a (horrible to me) pale lilac color.
This was my pallet for smearing:
Metallic Bright Purple
daub of Pink
Pale Lemon-y Yellow
Dry brushed only going up and down this time with the Pink, working into the Purple and then adding a touch of White here and there. One stray streak of Yellow jumped the page too. ;O)

This was the fun part!
Used one of my favorite 'stencils': The venting base off the bottom of an old VCR. I liked the 'hole-y' pattern, it struck my fancy, it's now very-very 'used'.
Sponged the pale yellow, watered down a fair bit... everywhere.

Kept the 'up & down motion' by going long on the page with the dots.
Sponged a bit more here and there so as not to waste the last dribs of the paint.

Then I reached for a Stampin'Up! stamp set that was kinda dusty, used the Batik Print flower with Green StazOn.

Finished it off with the Day Squares; used up more of that ooogly WalMart stack of papers I started using up on January's spread. They look good teeny-tiny and written on, better than gathering dust in the Studio!
Also used more Digital Stamps colored in with Pentel and Stampin' Up! Markers.
March title is cut out from a beautiful shimmering pattern paper I've been hoarding, figure it balances out the paper I don't like, lol. It's cut out with the SLICE which was acting a wee wonky when I started with the 'M', decided to leave it be so they're all a little 'different', happy accident.
All done and ready to get filled in!

Friday, January 27, 2012

Aftermath Bound!

I'm all packed! ... I think... maybe... possibly...
Still need to pack nourishment, but all the art-sy sh-tuff is ready to go.

I'll be here tomorrow:

The Aftermath Vendors event
Hosted by Ottawa Goth Syndicate
Kent Street Legion - Garrison Sergeant Hall
330 Kent St, 2nd Floor, Ottawa
January 28 (1PM - 9 PM)
Only $2 to get-in!

Hence the 'special' store logo:

Today I spent much of the day getting high... on enamel fumes. ;OP
Made up a batch of CD Pins; the ones made from smashed up CD's and DVD's.
I do sooo love how they look but they are a stinky, burn your hands, phone on hold-need to work quickly or they spoil, holy-what-a-frakin'-mess! project.
Reserved for Special Occasions only. ;O)

These are the backs...
I always put the printed side out so peeps can see what they were.
Hard to find those AOL disks anymore, lol.
Shiny side forward, looks so perrrty coming through the enamel.

The finished batch waiting for the glue to finish drying on the pin-backs.
...and a step to the right...
...and then to the left.

All mounted on Tag-Backs and pinned to a mini-display board.

Spend yesterday... and a bit of this morning, pinning stuff to boards:

WITHOUT Pinterest!
Have the 2 boards going, a few other lil' projects and Portal #2: Welcome to Wonderland (not pictured).
Really looking forward to it!
If your in Ottawa, maybe I'll see you there?

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Book of Days: January 25th & 26th

Both el-quick-o days...

Full Page Spread:
January 25th:
What's on You Workdesk? Wednesday 'cheater' day.

January 26th:
Real Life Pinterest!
Spent the day pinning my art to boards for the event Saturday...
Quick paint background in the same color as my boards and used the same post-it notes I'm using on the back of my art for categorizing as journal blocks.

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 138

This week my space has been overrun with Art, but not much new...
Piles and Piles of sh-tuff I'm pulling, piling and preparing for the Ottawa Goth Syndicate Aftermath Vendors event. Saturday's the big day and...
I'm. not. ready.

But before the desk tour....
A reminder to go check out the other Spaces on Display this week at:
Stamping Ground

The only thing *new* 'on' my desk is top left:
February Calendar for the Art Calendar 2012 366 Challenge, it was out drying the last bit overnight.
The rest is all sh-tuff I need to categorize, price and pack for Saturday.
Mostly Creepy, some with more of a Classic Victorian feel and a few just 'fun' ones that I'm hoping are suitable for that crowd. :O) I'm still debating on the 2 larger Alice in Wonderland pieces I have... Not sure of the table size and I don't want it looking crowded.
Much pondering to do today... hence the X-tra big coffee. ;O)

Though I took the actual picture yesterday there is one VERY new thing this week...
Meet Ayva, our new foster puppy.
Come to us through Poet's Vision Aussie Rescue.
She's completely deaf, mostly visually impaired and 100% sweetie!
Doing wonderfully with our other dog Hero who has turned into a complete 'Nanny Dog' watching out for her, leading her around and playing oh so gently with this wee white ball of fluff.
In this picture she's where she's taken up regular day-time residence: the place my feet go under my desk.
They be all warm now. :O)
Nothing like a toasty warm puppy belly to help with the circulation! lol

Sooooooooooo???? What's on YOUR Workdesk???