Friday, February 11, 2011

400th POST= BLOG CANDY! ...and a Steampunk Project teaser.

That time again...
We have reached 400 Posts... Draw Time!
(Draw for every 100th post)
We are at 66 followers,
only 9 more til the next draw!
(Draw for every 25 followers)
and you all know what that means...

To win the POST Blog Candy:
All you need to do is leave a comment on THIS post. (no need to be a follower)
I'll wait a week, then make the draw and announce the winner Friday February 25th.

To win the FOLLOWER Blog Candy:
Be a follower!
That simple... at 75 I will draw and announce a winner.
I will make another goodie bag up and we'll do another draw at 100 followers, 125 followers etc...

I'll pull those 2 prize packs together and post pictures as soon as I can!
In the meantime...

Sneak peek as what's been eating up all my time & energy:
I'm waiting to hear back from a show I've submitted it to,
so I can't share it *all* til I hear back, either way.
I've started a new line of creations called 'Portals'.
Q: What is a Portal?
A: A Portal is a Door.
Q: Door to where?
A: Open the door and find out.
First in a series of fantastical Doors (ie. Portals) that when opened give you a glimpse at another time...
another place...
another space...
You don't know what's on the other side til you open the Door.
You want to know, don't you.
Go ahead...
Open the Portal.

Outside the Portal:
Glimpse of what's on the Other Side:

(February 19th)
Life took over like crazeeee this past week so my apologies for not getting the picture up sooner.
I'll be drawing the Lucky Winner Friday February 25th!I went a little nuts stuffing more & more into the bag for this one!
Goodie Bag is full of:
5 *generous* meters of Vintage Ribbon
5 *generous* meters of Antique Lace
EK Success Chalk-lets
Scrapbook Wizard Thicker Stickers: Watermelon Small Alphabet
Birthday Sticker Sheet
Marcella By Kay Super Bright Journal Tags Embossed Stickers
K&Company K-ology Hannah Tags
ProvoCraft Stand-Outs Quilled Stickers: Pine Tree
Paperbilities 3-D Embellishment Stickers: Citrus
Sheet of PINK Theme stickers
Sheet of Resin Postage Stamp Stickers
Bohemia Transfer Title: Me and my Sister
Daisy Bucket Rub-On: Sunrise
6 Stampin' Up Confetti Door Hangers
The Paper Company: 8 cards & Envelopes in Ivory Elegant Leaf
Fiskars Clear Stamps, 24 pieces
Bead Shop Glass Beads: 11 colors & 2 necklace kits
Versa Color Mini-Pad: Cardinal
Pretty Colors Mini-Pad: Gold
Dauber Duos: Amethyst/Raspberry

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