Friday, February 25, 2011

The Gallery Work Tour *picture heavy* & WINNER for the 400th Post!

I know, I know...
You all want to know who won the 400th Post Blog-Candy.
But 1st, bear with me, I'm going to toot my own horn since I have something worth trumpeting.

I've been crafting for oh, we'll say decades and um, leave it at that *wink* and this month I'm taking a BIG step, having been blessed with the opportunity to have some of my work displayed in a Gallery Show.
I Scrapbook, create Cards, ATC's, Postcards and other Paper Goodies... BUT my true Muse-Soother is Recycled Mixed Media work.

My Personal Motto:

Reduce, Reuse and Redecorate.

Using up as much 'junk' as I can...

Always striving to re-beautify with items that would otherwise go to waste.

I'm lucky enough that 3 of my Mixed-Media Projects will be on display this month at:

Steampunk " The Penny Dreadful " Artshow

Saturday February 26 at 8:00pm
- Saturday March 26 at 8:00pm

187 Main Street East
North Bay, Ontario

A Sub-Genre that came into prominence during the 1980s and early 1990s . Incorporating prominent elements of either science fiction or fantasy , 19th century steam power technology and the elegance of the Victorian style.

"The Penny Dreadful " will be a celebration, appreciation and exploration of a hidden culture that is STEAMPUNK.

Welcome to a 'personal' Gallery Tour...
A picture sneak-peak at what I'll have on display:
(clicking on any of the picture will bring you to a larger version)

Steampunk Explosion Box
Mixed Media Decorative Gift Box
Gears and Cogs and Brass and Fanciful Bits... Oh My!
Visual Feast for the Eyes.

Steampunk: Warning to Time Travelers

3D Mixed Media Collage Wall Hanging

This is a 'statement' on some of the 'dangers' of time travel.
The wooden base is an actual clock face.
A visual 'Treasure Trove'!
earch for:
Commentary on The Chaos Theory and The Butterfly Effect.
Pictures of the Delorean, Tardis and other 'time machines'.

Dinosaurs, Victorian goodies and Futuristic elements too.
Representations of Rolling-the-Dice, Threads of Time, Measuring Time, Eternal Time Loop... and many, many more.

This piece is being shared publicly for the
Portal to... Steampunk Teaopia
3D Mixed Media Collage and Sculpture

Base: 18 1/2 inch X 5 1/2 inch
Height: 15 inch
Pictured on a Table but can also be hung on a Wall. (wire)

Q: What is a Portal?
A: A Portal is a Door.

Q: Door to where?
A: Open the door and find out.

First in a series of fantastical Doors (ie. Portals) that when opened give you a glimpse at another time... another place... another space...
You don't know what's on the other side til you open the Door. You want to know, don't you.
Go ahead...
Open the Portal.

Several Clip-Art Images MOST appreciatively obtained from:
*The Graphics Fairy*









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Thanks for sharing this little peak! Can't wait to see it in its entirety! Oh, and I love that door!
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