Monday, February 14, 2011

My Husband... I Thank-You.

Today, I want to express my undying THANKS for all the support Greg gives me/us.
Life for us, as a whole family has been taking off in large positive leaps and bounds the past few months. There was a 'flick of fate' and the dead weight just fell away...
His job has reached a good settling point, a rhythm with the scheduling and a financial plateau we can actually thrive on instead of just surviving. Also allowing for me to stay home and deal with the day-t0-day running of a house for 6 humans and 4 animals.
He has and will continue to be Daddy to my boyz. A responsibility that would make many lesser men pale and run the other way.
He supports my Art, which is starting to have pay-back after many, many years of his continued support through thick & thin. Crazy Artist Whims and all, he's still here. Poor Man. lol
He supports and helps when my medical condition gets too much. Again something a lesser man would likely have not taken on knowing all that it entailed.
My past comes back to dog our heels, he deals with it... with grace and love.
Not only do I feel loved... I feel Beloved.
Greg, I Love You.
Thank-You for being here,
Thank-You for the Support
Thank-You for loving me as I am.
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