Friday, February 11, 2011

Soartful: Victorian Amusements

Welcome back to another week at Soartful.
I have another Victorian theme for your this week.
Victorian Amusements
I love these beautiful Carousel horses.
The word carousel comes from the Italian word carosello (meaning "little war"). Carosello was a 12th-century game played by the Arabs and Turks, on horseback, using scented balls tossed from one to another. Anyone missing a catch was readily identified by the perfume they were doused with when the scented ball broke on impact.

I dug out my long ignored Snow Globe stamp set (Stampin' Up!) and made this ATC.
I used 3D Crystal Lacquer to make the 'Globe' after I had stamped and colored the Carousel Horse. I also mixed Glitter in the wet 3DCL. I swirled it around 1 side and over the Horse.
The 2nd picture shows the 'floating' Glitter a bit better. (Click on pic to make it larger.)
Background is off a Collage Sheet shared on the Collage Images Flickr Group.
Inked the torn paper and Background.

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