Monday, February 21, 2011

February Dark Side Challenge at A Dark Heart

Hello, Darksiders!
I love all the creativity and artistry I see here at by all of its members and I was a member of this site for some time before I noticed that there wasn’t too much of the darker side of scrapping represented here. And by darker side I mean the use of darker colors, subjects including Goth, Punk, and Emo, or styles like steampunk and distress.
I love the Darker Side and wanted to see more of it!
So therein lays the challenge: Create layouts that are out of your comfort zones.
Come on over to the dark side!
This month’s challenge topic will be A Dark Heart.
With Valentine's Day coming up fast, I thought this would be a good topic.
Feel free to interpret the topic any way you wish to.
Let your imagination and your dark side loose! Have fun!
I can’t wait to see what you all will come up with!

I decided to do a page for our 'Dark Heart'... Hope.
We got Hope Friday February 13th 2009, in the middle of a very difficult time for us as a family. In the middle of this time we also suffered the loss of a beloved family pet, Cleopatra. At only 9 months old she was not yet a full grown bunny herself.
After MUCH discussion we decided to get another bunny to fill the rather large 'Bunny Sized Hole' that had been ripped in our Family Fabric.
So entered Hope... hopping into our hearts right away.
Totally different personalities:
Cleo was perhaps *too much* life for that little body to contain.
Always up to mischief and 'ruler of the house' scaring the dog and stealing anything and everything she could get her little teeth into. (Usually Greg's cookies!)
Hope is a gentle soul, a true Cuddle Bun, always looking for a lap (or laptop) for warmth. She helped knit our torn hearts.
Gone over to the DARK SIDE
Friday February 13th 2009
Our DARK HEART joined
the family... HOPE.
Ninja Bunny, our
little Dark Hope in a
time of trouble...
Much Tattered Angels Glimmer misting.
Heart is a felt Chrsitmas Ornament.
Hope is a wooden Christmas Ornament.
Title is an Elegant Word Art Freebie.
Journal Block and Love Tag are free digi-elements (can't remember where from).
Blingage by Prima.
Inks are Stampin' Up!
Clock Charm is from Blue Moon Beads.
400th post is
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