Thursday, February 24, 2011

Last Chance to Enter...

Alas, I've finally fallen prey to the plague that has been drifting around this bbbbr-y season. Avoided it this long, that is a blessing I don't take lightly. :O)
I don't think there will be much creative coming out of the Studio in the next few days.
I pushed myself yesterday, and that... was a bad idea.
Today I have several of da boyz home too, so even if I start feeling better I'll be popping the Mommy-Nurse Hat on right away.
I have however put together a HUGE post for tomorrow.

I will be announcing the winner of the 400th Post Blog Candy.
You still have time to enter!!!
Pop on over and leave a comment so you don't miss out!
Also we are now at 74 followers.
1 More and I'll be putting together yet another Goodie Pack!
Every 25 followers I draw a name.
The main meat of the post will be jam-packed with pictures.
I have set up a 'personal viewing' of the 3 projects that will be on display at:
'The Penny Dreadful' Steampunk Art Show
187 Gallery in North Bay, Ontario
Starting Saturday February 26th and running right through til March 26th.
This will be my 1st share of the "Portal to..." Project.
I'm excited and nervous all at once.
I'm heading off to have some nice warm Tea & try to repair myself.
See you in the morning!

~Sarah Cooper~
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