Sunday, May 23, 2010

Art Journaling...

Eye Update:
It doesn't hurt *as much* to blink now and indoor light is ok, Sunlight is still owie-owie so I'm hiding inside, again. For once I'm thrilled it's an overcast day so I can approach the windows, lol.
My vision is very, very blurry... feels like I'm wearing the wrong glasses prescription on that eye.
I feel a LOT better!
I still can't craft anything too detailed, so I decided to work on some more of my Art Journal Pages... Consider this my 'Injured Eye' period in Art....
It's messier than usual and I hope when I can see right again it all still looks OK. ;O)

This Page is for A Year in the Life of an Art Journal : Tangled
This prompt could not have come at a better time. My EX-husbands parent both died this past week, 4 days away from each other... so there was the issue of taking the boyz to the wake/funeral. For those that don't know the details quick Cole's Notes: Married for almost 11 years, last 6 were abusive, after separation he threatened to kill me and several other people all in connection with me (7 counts). He was arrested, we're awaiting sentencing in July... meanwhile he's out but there is a restraining order in affect.
Because of the restraining order we had to think long & hard about what to do.
We ended up going for the 1st 15 minutes of the wake Thursday so the boyz could say good-bye to their Grandparents and slipped out quietly when we could. It still rattled me a lot seeing him again after almost a year...
So I made this page. The shredded ribbon suggestion was great... I got to use a bunch of the Vintage Calico I had, it shreds so well.

The next 3 were all for Your Life Spelled Out:
Beautiful Dreamer
I used a collage of Greeting Cards for this. I sponged a background 1st, then overlapped the card images, added doilies and the title. I glimmer misted a bit, more paint and stapled a ribbon scrap on. Also added a Walt Whitman quote as well as my journaling.

Left Out
I started with a HUGE blow-up of my Right Eye (pre-damage) and went from there... Paint smeared around the edges, added the title and white washed the whole page. I did the journaling around the outside... about feeling Left Out not being able to do the things I normally do and listening to everyone else just going along while I can't right now.

Started with a Poster for Domestic Violence, sponged green and blue around the edges and added a cut out of a Phoenix (print off of one of my own Art Projects) and the title. Washed the whole page with more watered down paint.

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