Saturday, May 22, 2010

Can't do it... (warning gorry details)

I'm supposed to be resting the damaged eye but I needed to get something creative done.
I'm going crazee sitting or lying around with my eyes closed.
The injury looks like this according to my fiance who saw it highlighted with the dye they put in to see the injury. It's 3/4 on my Iris and 1/4 on the white. With the yellow dye it looked like I was hit with the flat edge of a wedge high-lighter marker.
The Dr said if it was on the pupil at all I would have needed surgery.
Stupid accident... I was getting up at 2AM to go to the bathroom and tripped on a dog... I fell face 1st on a pile of flattened cardboard boxes we have there to pack the rest of the winter clothes away. I got a corner of a flattened box square in my Right Eye. It's both incredible and exquisite pain at the same time. The muscles around & behind my eye are 'bruised' and the abrasion in the surface of my eye feels like a hot needle in my eye. If I blink my eyelid runs over the wound and it 'moves' the needle and that's not fun. I can't look down or to the right, same problem with it hitting the rim of my eye.
All that said it's MUCH better than it was yesterday morning when it happened. The Dr said it is healing quickly, though my vision in that eye may not be 100% for 6 months to a year. I'm resting the eye as much as 'I' can...

Just one easy project that I had the kids help me cut out.
For 4X4 Friday: Make Art!
I took the challenge literally...
3 4X4 Squares: Musical Art, Visual Art & Dramatic Art.
The letters are coated in 3D Crystal Lacquer.
I strung them up with Black Eyelets and Silver Ribbon,
it'll be going up on the wall in my newly re-done Studio.

Musical Art
Instrument Background & Sheet Music Letter.

Visual Art
Supplies Background & Graffiti Letter.

Dramatic Art
Drama Mask Background & Red Curtain Letter.

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