Monday, May 31, 2010

So excited... our very own Fairy Door !

Quoted from:
"Fairy Doors are magical items and when placed into your home or garden you can be sure that fairy folk from all around will follow.
By "inviting" the little magical creatures in they bring good luck. Fairy Doors let the "little people" into your house & garden. You can place them anywhere, on a wall , or baseboard, against a stone, a stump, a tree, literally anywhere you want them.
Of course only "they" can open them."

Now as many of you know I'm an avid lover of all things Celtic... Fairy-lore is a given.
I've been lusting after our very own Fairy Door for quite some time and was pondering making one but hadn't quite gotten around to it... then we saw one at a local store and Greg indulged my Fairy-Fancy by getting it for me.
I LOVE it!
The boyz have reported a flash something peeping out of the windows, seeing a crack of light under the door and the random rustling of leaves in the nearby plants...
hmm... it seems we just *may* have a fairy or two in residence.
I guess we'll just have to keep our eyes open!

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