Monday, May 17, 2010

Fiendish Florence Nightingale...

I created this for Haunted Design House Challenge #39 (DHD039)
Devious Doctors & Fiendish Florence Nightingales
I decided to do a little internet trolling 'cause other than Stephen King's Kingdom Hospital not much came to mind. I started looking at some Nurse pictures... then Doctors then *smacking head* I realized I was going the wrong way. FLORENCE NIGHTINGALE!!! duh.
I found a public record photograph and a free clip-art background (scary, blood faces...), legs from another painting and a cool 'Jason' style machete that I collaged into an Artist Postcard.
I added red Glimmer Mist 'blood' splatters and drips with a brush and topped with the 3D Crystal Lacquer.
We have a Nurse but I think it's a little to late for the Doctor... bwwaaaahhaaahhaaaa!!!

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