Friday, May 7, 2010

Welcome to the Sunshine Studio...

As promised... PICTURES!!!!

The Super-Light.

Above the Doorway, door still needs to be put back up.

I'll have a cork board on the back.

Entertainment center, files, printer and paper.
Both Butterfly paintings were done by my Grandmother (RIP).

Greg's Corner... 'nuff said. Please ignore the uh... chaos.
On the wall beside the window there will be 2 white floating shelves (on floor with green tape on them) that will have some of my 3D Mixed Media work on it (Domestic Goddess, Wit's End etc...)

Sewing Center.

Also set up for kids to come up do homework, puzzle, color etc... while I'm working.
Tall shelves have my scrapbooks.

What I love best here is my Sarah's Angels Water fountain and the plants... very tranquil.
Oh! and the Doggie Bed. :O)


Coasters, Bottles, Office Supplies... the boring sh-tuff.

More office supplies, Stuffies ♥ , Greenery, Candle & Soap making sh-tuff... & sh-tuff. lol

Sewing, Beads, Sequins, Buttons & Bells.
Ribbon, Lace, Wool & Flowers.


3D Altered Art, Jewelery & Electronics bits, Tags, Cricut, Work/Printer, Painting, Chalk & Watercolor, Glitter, Staples, Magnets etc... Embellishments, Glue Gun & Cutters.

12X12 Papers: patterned & solid, Letter & Word stickers, Bling, Rub-Ons and Image stickers, Shape Cutters, Masks & Templates.

Rubber Stamps, Embossing, Tools, Cardmaking, Scrapbooking and Mini-Kits.

Acrylic Stamps... trying to get most of them mounted inside empty CD cases, then they can go on the 'flipper'.

Work in Progress.

Scissors, Artwork on clips.

Just a neat shot. ♥

Main Work Area.

Main Work Area.
Books/Magazines, Cricut, 'Puter, Christmas, CD's/DVD's, Wedding, Prizes, Art Journal: Vintage & Supplies, Specialty & 8 1/2 X 11 paper, Chipboard, Tools, Glimmer Mist, Ashesives, Markers, Radio etc... etc... sh-tuff.

Main Work Area.
Work Mats, Cutting Glass, Stamp Pads... etc...

Main Work Area.
Another clip hanger for Art Work, Aprons on wall

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