Thursday, May 6, 2010

Back to Work...

12 days of pain, tears, sweat and frustration... I should write a song! lol Considering the themes of tonight's offerings...
I'm going to take pictures soon Promise! It's just been so dismally rainy here I'd like a bit of Sun coming in the window before I show off all the hard work on the *new* Sunshine Studio.
My creative hiding-hole. :O)
I had the sh-tuff ready to make these 2 pieces but they got swept under the proverbial rug while I was working away. Tonight I sat down at MY table, in MY room and got'em done.
An Artist Postcard for Haunted House Designs Macabre Monday #36: Music Mayhem:
Faded out image sprayed with Glimmer Mist, edges inked... edges of ripped quote also inked.
Blood highlighted in 3D Crystal Lacquer then brushed with Red Glimmer Mist.

A 4X4 for The Three Muses Challenger #38: Music-Music-Music
This was a bit if a PITA but I like the way it turned out all the same...
The Cogs are 'printed' from parts of a dead Tape Runner stamped, then heat embossed.
I then charred the edges by heating & burning here & there, also with the Heating Gun.

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