Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Lots To Do: What's your favorite technique? BLOOD!!!!

Its a toughie this week we are sharing our favorite technique(s) and hope you will share yours with us.

Not to tough for me! lol
I'm going to creep everyone out now...
My Favorite Technique is one I stumbled on by accident one day but have used again & again & again... 'cause it's just so 'bloody' easy and looks so 'bloody' good!
I start by dripping some 3D Crystal Lacquer on a scrap piece of paper.
Dime size blop is usually good for what I'm doing.
The recent Freddy Kreuger page I did I used to closer to a quarter size blop.
(See link at the bottom for pictures)
I also drip some Tattered Angels Glimmer Mist on beside it. (Scarlet)
Then Mix with a hardened paintbrush or tooth pick...
something stiff.
Then I drip in 2-3 drops of a much darker red Glimmer Mist (Brick) to get that darker, bloodier more realistic look.
Mix, Mix, Mix....
Then You can start to apply.
It is much runnier than the 3D Crystal Lacquer was originally, almost as thin as water.
I always out a thin layer on quickly to seal the paper. Means you can apply as many coats as you want afterward, get texture etc... without it just soaking into the paper.
Once that 1st layer is dry (keep it thin and it'll dry almost instantly) you can start to build it up.
In this sample I put more on the lips, focusing in the center to make them look plump & ripe.
The blood drips are 3-4 layers... again allowing it to dry in between.
On the Freddy Kreuger page I even dripped it right on the page to get a Blood Spatter look.
That's it!
3D Crystal Lacquer
2 shades of Red Glimmer Mist (Bright & Dark)
Stiff Paintbrush or Toothpick
Scrap Paper (easy to toss when your done)
My Creep Vampire Postcard.
Image is from a magazine article on getting 'The Vampire Look' with make-up.
Eyes tinted with a Lime Highlighter Marker.
Printed in black & white and glued to Cereal Box Board.
Edges inked in Burgundy Ink.
mmmm.... Bloody Goodness!
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