Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Oh, Alice! Chapter 38: Tickets, Please!

`Tickets, please!' said the Guard, putting his head in at the window. In a moment everybody was holding out a ticket: they were about the same size as the people, and quite seemed to fill the carriage.
`Now then! Show your ticket, child!' the Guard went on, looking angrily at Alice. And a great many voices all said together (`like the chorus of a song,' thought Alice), `Don't keep him waiting, child! Why, his time is worth a thousand pounds a minute!
`I'm afraid I haven't got one,' Alice said in a frightened tone: `there wasn't a ticket-office where I came from." And again the chorus of voices went on. `There wasn't room for one where she came from. The land there is worth a thousand pounds an inch!'
-- Chapter 3, Through the Looking Glass

So, do you have YOUR ticket ready for a ride on the Wonderland Express?

Our twisted sis Lynne is the conductor this week and she says you can't travel with Oh, Alice! if you don't show us your ticket! You can make a ticket, use a ticket stamp, use a real ticket. Use one ticket or a whole row of tickets!
So hop on it and get YOUR ticket ready to take a journey through Wonderland!

I do!
Mine is a little Grunge-y... with a taste of SteamPunk.
I made this Artist Postcard using some Tim Holtz distressables paper -Railroad,
topped by Graphics 45- SteamPunk Debutant,
a bit'o'ribbon, an eyelet and some Stickopotamus stickers.
The Ticket was stamped with the Close To My Heart's -Just the Ticket set.
Heavily 'grunged' with ink.

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