Monday, November 22, 2010

Scrap Our Stash: November Challenge...Take 1!

Sketch #2

I decided to use Sketch #2 with the Big Single Picture for William's Halloween Page.
I copies the 3 strips of paper but moved the photo over.
The Title 'Travel Log' is still there but the journalling is moved up under it.
I still have the 3 'clumps' of embellies.
This was a true Stash Dive Page!
I stamped the Boot Prints around the edges and across on the Card Stock base. (Stampin'Up!: Roughing It)
I've have had this sheet of patterned paper for 4 years or more, last of a kit.
I always have keys (luvs me some keys!) and used postage stamps around.
I really like how well the real stamps went over and around the ones already on the patterned paper.
The Magnifier 'Dish' has been in my stash for at least 3 years, last of a set of 3.
The squished fly sticker has been kicking around forever too...
lol, I never knew what to do with a Flat Fly!
I always thought 'ewwwwww!' every time I'd run across it while digging.
I really love challenging myself to use what I have... this page was perfect for that!
October 31st 2010, The famed
explorer William Russett set
out in search of the
treasure known as "Halloween
Candy" in an ancient ritual
known as 'Trick or Treating". It
was a long cold journey but
he came back triumphant!
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