Thursday, November 11, 2010

OPH-Little Angels

Little Angels

This week Amy has selected the theme...

Little Angels...

What do you think of when you think about angels? Little girls with wings? Cherubs? or do you just want to do a play on words and make your Angel of War small?

I dug out my Angel Sent stamp set from Close to My Heart and some film slide cases
and made this cute little wall hanging.
I have been trying to find a use for these cases since my Mom dropped them off a few months ago. Reduce-Reuse-Redecorate at it's best!
I stamped the images on cardstock, colored them in and then attached them to back of the white side of the mounts with dual sided tape.
Trimming the excess off the image sheet of afterward...
soo much easier then trying to pre-measure and stamp *just right*. ;O)
Then I laid the lace over the backs, with a finger width in between, attached with more dual sided tape. Then I attached the black side of the mounts with dual sided tape.
The 'ring' is actually a circular brad. I pulled the lace through the ring, then ran the prongs through the lace for security holding the weight once it's hanging up, folding the excess lace back and attaching it to the back of the top slide with...
You guessed it! More dual sided tape
This one is earmarked for a Christmas Gift and I plan to make some more...
still got more slides!

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