Thursday, April 19, 2012

Book of Days: April 19th ...Praying for my Mother.

As many of you know...
 Yesterday at 8:30 AM my mother was hit by a car. 
It was on a busy street just a block from their house, she was crossing with the light, in the pedestrian crosswalk and was struck by a car making a left hand turn. The driver did not see her, it is a terrible intersection that is full of blinding white light that early in the morning. Made worse by the fact that this was a neighbor that lived behind them and down only a few houses. The old adage about accidents happening close to home...  She holds no malice whatsoever for the driver. He stayed til the paramedics took her to hospital, his wife came up the street to take their toddler son home (after also being checked by the paramedics). He also called today to see how she was and offer any assistance he and his family can (food, errands etc...) 
She was struck on the left hand side, rolled up then off the car and is now quite bruised and battered up. Her nose was torn badly on the left but the hospital was able to reattach everything. Her nose is also broken, but thankfully that is the only thing that is broken. Miracles! 
This, however, will change her face forever.
On top of that, today she was also scheduled for eye surgery at 8 AM. 
The hospital doctors assured us that she was still OK to go ahead with the surgery. She went and is now home. The surgeon said there is a 'bubble under the lens' and she can't see clearly like she did when they did the other eye several months back.This is a worry, we will know more when she goes for her follow-up. 

There was no question that today's thoughts, prayers and everything else have been on/for my Mom... so is my BOD page.
Photo is of my Mom was taken at 2 dear friends wedding last year.

Quote written around her:
I remember my mother's prayers and they have always followed me.  
They have clung to me all my life.  
~Abraham Lincoln~

Now it is my turn to Pray for you...
(prayers in heart)


 April 19th:
Full Spread

Preparing the masking tape border... 
Inked, stamped with StazOn then ripped in 1/2 lengthwise.

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