Sunday, April 15, 2012

Row-Houses: Boudoir Style!

A few Sisters in Book of Days got a little randy and decided we needed a few 'Boudoir Maisons' in our BOD Wisteria Lanes. *wink wink* So a mini-inside the swap-swap was started!
Instead of just sending to the person on top of me, and under me (ho ho! bad gurls...) I made one for eeeeveryone in the mini-group. 10 total including one for my street. 

The roofs were by far the hardest part: Eyelets and Ribbons for a 'corset' look... hell on earth to thread and tie a pretty lil'bow with gouty-arthritis-y fingers I tell ya. Labors of Love these are, and they turned out just as I'd pictured them, poi-fect.
Main 'walls' are more of that gorgeous 'Romantica' Wall Paper (I used to bind my Soulistry Journal)I'd found a whole book 2nd hand. Shimmery, textured and VERY feminine.... yummy. Lightly outlined with a black sharpie for a bit more *pop* and definition. 
The hearts are sponge painted in three purples, two pinks, a light blue and a silver over bright pink paper... then punched out. Purple as the main color was inspired while I was working on these along side today's Wild Art stream with Effy. Many of the women in BOD deserve a Purple Heart, these 9 are getting one!
Inside of each heart is one of the de-golded jewelry finding I got from a metal salvager years ago, with an iridescent green gem in the center. Ba-Bling! Gotta have some!
Then... when you lift the 'wall' you have a Sister, holding a book for the Book of Days Sisterhood. Gold heat-embossed all the edges.
Hopefully these are well  received on their new 'streets.

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