Tuesday, April 24, 2012

One-eyed Pirate Artist Day! Soulistry: Nothing You can Do

Today has been an interesting Art Day... I only have one eye to work with!
MAJOR Migraine started very early Sunday morning, still in residence in my head... it seems far to cozy there. My eyes feel ice cold and the inside of my head feels like it's full of hot molten lava pressing out. The pain is something I can work around it's the vision loss, which is not uncommon for me the rare time I get these, that's more of a 'pain'. 1/3 of the vision in my right eye is 'wavy': picture looking out over a hot stove element or over a very hot cement road. It gives me nausea. The past 2 days I spent heavily drugged and in a dark room, mostly asleep. I can't do that very long, just not in me to be idle. yuck. Idle time lets me think about my Mom, her accident and the other stresses we have going on... which likely aided heavily in the making of this migraine. That and we had SNOW yesterday... system changes much?!
So Today I said F**K iT! got up, made a pot of coffee and have tried to pick my way through emails and some Art-ing. Still on meds so I may be here-der-and-everywere...
er... the emails worked fine...
Art has been a disaster. 
But I don't believe in hiding the bits *I* don't like so here it'll be the good, the bad & the ooogly. 

First a bit of a taste from my Book of Days for today... 
I'm going to try to get the past 5 days blogged after this if the pain holds back. 
We'll see, reading seems to make it worse. 

Today I am a one-eyed Pirate Artist!

The topic as Effy summed it up so simply this time in Soulistry is:
The 'G' Word.
The question:
Where are you at with God?
I made 2 spreads since that is were my Muse was heading... 

First spread I started by looking up Dog and God: Different spelling same unconditional love and found this lovely *perfect* video that expressed *exactly* what I was trying for...
Sketched and traced out before the Migraine started, colored it in today.
Spread is based on this little song:

Made a pencil sketch, traced in sharpie and colored in with Stampin'Up! Markers. The background was made by washing scribbled marker around with a wet brush (like water paints). 
God's love is that simple to me... unconditional, like my dog. 

This is a snippet of my 'answer-y' bit to the question of where we're at... 
(the rest doesn't pertain to *this* page...)
"Unconditional Love as a parent: Like God I 'Love' my children, all  of them, equally... there are times I don't 'Like' them or what they are doing, BUT my 'LOVE' doesn't change for them."
This is the page I made entirely today, with 1 eye and it. 
but meh, it is what it is and that is DONE.
Started by doing a bad image transfer, then tried to make it look like a Plaster Fresco, think Sistine Chapel Ceiling... I traced in some outlines, drew in my gurl and colored her with markers... Then I used straight TopBozz ink refill brushed on and UTEE. 2 layers... then I scrunched it up to crack it. At this stage some peeled off so I gave it a coat of Matte Gel Medium to keep the rest on and an few spritz of Caramel Glimmer Mist for aging. I does look 'better' IRL, the light reflect really sucks the color out of it.
Meh... not my favorite by far but DONE.
I have bad days too.

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