Wednesday, April 25, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 151

First off a reminder to go check out the other (less messy?) desks at:

This week there has been very little going on for the 2nd half... 
It seems the Drummers of the World have moved into my head and set up shoppe. 
I'm on Migraine Day 4: It's on the downslope though, thank-goodness!
Yesterday I called it 'one-eyed-pirate-artist' day... my right eye was heavily blurred and has a large floater that blocked much of my vision for the past few days. After 2 solid days a bed I was sick of being idle... so one-eyed or not: Art was happening! ;O) 
That's what's still sitting out on my desk. In the group Art Journaling for Women on Facebook a call went out for everyone to make an "I Am Am Artist" page for our Journals. Made mine last evening after supper. It's still sitting out with the black backing for photos. 
Under it the Celtic Jewelry I wear every day, it's pointy... not good for sleeping in. ;O)
Celtic Prayer book at the right, many extra prayer this week for my Mum and some other sh-tuff we have going on in and around her accident. 
...and the usual smattering of pens, paint (ooo... need to empty the brush-beaker, forgot that last night...), glue, papers, 'puter and sh-tuff.


Update on my Mum:
She did have the eye surgery, it did not go as well as the other eye. 
Seems the lens was not placed 'just-so' so it's needed to be re-adjusted. Now we wait again. She gets the stitched out on her face at some point this week. The torn part seems to healing OK. 
She is however having the hardest time sleeping, which of course she needs to do to heal. 
If you can picture the wounds going around in a spiral starting with her face: Torn up on the left (it was the left part of her nose that was torn off and re-attached), twisting around to her left side (shoulder and elbow still quite swollen and black even a week later) and then around her thighs and across the back of her lower thighs, knees and calves. Makes it *very* had to find a way to lie down that isn't affected.
She tried for a day or 2 to lift herself into their bed and ended up tearing her right shoulder with the effort of holding all her weight. We did manage to get her a cane so she can move a bit more securely as the left leg keeps giving out on her.
She is however one tough cookie and being amazingly cheery about it all. 
That's my Mum! 

As Julia said, 
If anyone (WOYWW Card-Crew) would like to send her a card,
 I'm *sure* it would help cheer her along...
Please contact me for her addy at:
sarahccooper (at) rogers (dot) com

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