Sunday, April 8, 2012

Book of Days: Good Friday April 6th

I'm a little behind in my Book of Days... This spread was burning a hole in my brain to get done but I needed a few elements. On Friday we attended our Kinship's Sensory Service. This, as all our meetings are, was at someone's house... this time our Pastor and his family. There were several 'stations' set up to roam around to and worship as we were led by Spirit. One of the Stations was a Reflection Station with a large mirror and 2 transparency pictures 1 of Christ and 1 of a person in despair plus the quote:

When we Christians lift our eyes to the face of the Crucified One, we contemplate the fathomless love of God poured out unto death for our salvation. If we look more carefully, we will soon find in this face that of so many other crucified ones who, close to us or far away, are asking for our compassionate love and solidarity.
~José Antonio Pagola~

We could look through the the pictures and see our own faces through the images... it really moved me. 
Had to wait to get the correct quote via email (Saturday) and since I was doing an image transfer that needed to dry overnight I couldn't complete the page til today. 
Image transferred is of a graffiti wall in Berlin full of people's faces, all in despair. Cut the face shape out and neck separately and used wood sealer as my transfer medium. Let it dry overnight then wet the paper and scraped the excess off. 
Face outline  is drawn on with charcoal. Crown of Thorns is paint applied with the side of a palette knife. Blood is Scarlet Glimmer Mist, dripped on while my book was upright, using the tip of the feeder tube inside the bottle. 
Background is marker scribbled, wet down and then some light paint washing sponged on.  

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