Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Soulistry: The Binding...

Gifts should come in a pretty wrapper, when possible...
My *gift* to myself this year is taking this course of Book Club on Book of Day Premium, working through the Soulistry book along with the my other Sisters. 
Missed out on Life is a Verb last round, it looked very fulfilling. :O(
The 1st step is a book to work in, and I wanted mine to be pretty. 
Started by digging into that HUGE box of old university textbooks my parents tossed in my direction and I collected with delight! Ended up using a 1956 book in bad, bad condition... needed some TLC. 
Last week I found a lovely book of wallpaper samples circa 1988 at the 2nd hand store (only $3.99!!!). The design line was called 'Romantica' and they are all heavy, vinyl, washable stuff... and BUSY. Pretty though they are, they would not end up on *my* walls. lol My book... that's another matter. I have the feeling this book may well get dragged around and outside to get worked in so the Teflon like coating is a great bonus.
Nothing fancy for binding: 2 sided ScorPal tape and LOTS of glue stick. 
Also have a journal with pretty lined and designed pages but a cover that was mulberry paper that got wet so now it's some kind of fugly. Plan to do my writing exercises on the pretty paper, tear them out of the fugly book and then glue them into the pretty one.
Not bad for a quick 1/2 hour cover-up. 
I'm pleased... it's all shiny, shimmery-pearl-like but friggen' tough!

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