Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 149

Tripping in late today... but present!

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For the most part I wasn't home. Left at 7 AM heading out of town to take Ayva, the foster puppy, to get some shots. Poor Sweetie, she was a total angel both ways in the car too. The Vet out there gives an aweeesome price to the rescue for services so it's worth the drive, even at these horrible gas prices. 
When I got back my hubby was putting the new parts in our washing machine. Yippee! 8 weeks with no machine bit bad with 6 people in this house (and puppy mess laundry too). I'm thrilled to hear the beast thumping away in the basement again. 
Then this afternoon Hubby and I took some time to just chill together. With his schedule and the kids we haven't 'seen' each other for more than a quick hour before bed for weeks. 
It was nice. :O)
Spent what little time I did in the office stuffing packages. 11 items heading out tomorrow, yeah! 
ATC's, Row Houses (both stuffed with extra goodies!), BIG Happy Mail Surprise Package and a Traveling Art Journal. Just know I'm gonna get 'that look' at the post office tomorrow. lol 
Other then packages there's my Soulistry Journal up on the left. I have 2 pages midway done. May get to that tonight... we'll see. 
My Berf-Day fleurs from last Tuesday... still looking awesome! 
...and the usual mess of sh-tuff. No coffee though, it's too late for that.
Today I took the picture from a different angle so you can see the Pups: Hero on the Left and Ayva in the Middle (RIGHT were my feet should be...) um, er... and a bit of my dress on the right. oops. 
So... What's on Your Workdesk?

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