Wednesday, April 4, 2012

What's On Your Workdesk? Wednesday 148

It's Wednesday... time for WOYWW over at:
It's messy, as usual... and some of the mess in the Studio isn't *reeeally* mine...
Yesterday was my berf-day so the 'streamer-gnomes, as they are calling themselves, raided the Studio and made a mess. 
I will be clearing up today... lol. 

 But 1st the desk:
Smattering of berf-day gifts dumped here last night... new pens, pencils and case in Skull and Roses (yummy!) and the Soulistry book for the latest Art Journaling en devour over in Book of Days  which starts today! Can't wait. :O) 
Some boozy playing cards I got 2nd hand this week... I have a 'plan' for some of my Sisters of the Book for these lil'beauts. *rubbing hands together with glee* 
Leftover berf-day knapkins... some of which I already used in my Book of Days for yesterday. Will be posting those pages later today so feel free to check back! 
...and the latest fleur: an Orchid that 2 of my fabulous friends brought to our Dinner out Saturday. Is'a prrretty, never had an Orchid before.
...and COFFEE, got a new cup yesterday too. My eldest son snarfed my other Venti cup *pout* that's ok, this one is much prettier.
Happy Wednesday Everyone!!!

Scary fleur... hoping I don't kill it... eep!

The work of the 'streamer-gnomes' all.over.the.Studio... 
*le sigh* what a mess! ;O)

Birthday pretties... 
We each get 1 Mylar Balloon for our birthday (due to several family members latex allergies) it's tradition! Hubby got me LOTS more fleurs... too big for the Studio so they're staying downstairs.

Streamer-gnomes at work in the livingroom too... 
messy lil'guys!
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