Sunday, April 8, 2012

Row House Swap in Book of Days

These are for a Row House swap in Book of Days... 
Six in a group, create one for yourself and five to mail away. 
Guidelines for size: approx. the same as an ATC (2 1/2 X 31/2 ") with a roof. 
They can be lined up together in your Book of Days (or another journal) to form a:
 "Sisterhood Neighborhood"
I made 8 because I have 2 other special peeps I'd like to send them off to beyond my assigned grouping. 

Tried to make these very 'personal' so here's what went in and why:
Gear Background Paper- 
For the Steampunk-ier tendencies and well just plain ol' LOVE of all things Victorian/Steampunk.
Garden to the left of the door- 
For my *need* to be in season, my body works or doesn't depending on the time of year. 
Coffee Cup Wrap roofs-  
um coffee, YES PLEASE. I also sprayed the roofs orange/copper/red for my hair color. Warning: corrugated cardboard takes foooorever to dry when fully saturated.
Pink Trim- 
Being the lone female in this house *pink* ends up being my color wether I want it or not. lol  
Celtic Knotwork stamped in cream- 
For my heritage and love of all things Celtic.
Black Bunny- 
For my spirit animal, love of all things bunn-ae and Hope, our House Bunny. 
Door way of raised just a bit from the house itself.- 
Symbolize my shyness. 
BUT there is a Key hanging beside the door- 
For the Sisterhood, they are always welcome and don't need to look for a way in. :O) 
...and My Heart- 
Over the door in Welcome. 
Final little 'extra' The "UP" Balloons (snarfed from a template that makes the house from UP)- To symbolize the stepping out and moving on... the searching... I'm still doing. 
Hope fully these lil'houses settle in nicely where they're heading.


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