Friday, July 2, 2010

Back in the Saddle... or is that At the Easle?

My health is slowly improving... I can breathe again! I still have a super dry mouth and sound like a Veteran smoker but I'm off most of the meds for the chest infections and smoke damage.
I never realized just HOW important getting *enough* oxygen in was.
So my bruised Muse is on the mend too! I've been putting so much effort into the needed day-to-day sh-tuff that my Studio has been getting dusty. No MORE!
I managed to get 3 things done over the past 2 nights.
Artist Postcard for Art on the Darkside #61: Midsummer'sNightmare/Summer Break:
I dug this out of the vast Image Store on my 'puter. As soon as I saw this challenge I KNEW I was going to use her... I cropped the original image in closer then added Glimmer Mist to enhance the blood that was already there (and added more) Also used painted on Glimmer Mist to add color to her eyes and lips. I then coated the 'blood' and her eyes with 3D Crystal Lacquer. The camera does not do her face justice...the eyes are a brilliant Ice Blue and look eerily real with the lacquer on them.

Next up is my 4X4 Friday Challenge: Cemetery Angels.
This is a snippet of a picture I took up at MacKenzie King Estates near here in Gatineau, Quebec. They have some goooorgeous stone work that Mr. King had moved to the estate in his time... in one of the main buildings there were a pair of Stone Angels from a crypt entrance. Didn't do too much to this other than tinting around the edges and writing in the location... she's perfect the way she is. :O)

...and a little Tongue-in-Cheek 4X4 for Darkness Inspirations: Monsters.
Small snip of a larger image for the background (I love this eye!) then some more elements added... again very little extra coloring, just around the edges.

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